Taylor Meyer Associates

Key Decision Variables in Evaluating Our Firm

  • Access: With our select group of clients, the scope of our search is broad and unlimited. We are not restricted with respect to the executives we can approach, and we are able to maximize our search opportunities without violating ethics (as prior-placed candidates cannot be re-recruited) or jeopardizing existing client relationships. Our broad access facilitates our ability to select and present the most qualified candidates who uniquely fit your Company's needs.
  • Effectiveness: Assess our qualifications, and consider our results. Consult our references to determine that we attract executives who are uniquely qualified and add significant value.
  • Conflicts: Consider the number of searches a firm is simultaneously conducting. We will not take on a competing search during the Engagement as to avoid internal competition and the presentation of candidates to more than one search.
  • Integrity: Our hands-on approach allows us to understand your Company and its future and will help candidates, not applicants, transition to your Company. When a partnership is formed with TMA, the same consultants will remain with you throughout the search process from inception to completion.
  • Independence: Our focus is leadership success, and we act as trusted, independent advisors to the Board and senior management. We utilize a thoughtful and objective approach, taking into account the culture of the organization, to ensure the final candidate is the most appropriately qualified executive to lead the organization.
  • Unbiased: Our holistic approach to both internal and external candidates facilitates an unbiased environment critically important to assess all legitimate internal candidates and benchmark them against external candidates. The result is the Company arriving at the right decision.
  • Balance: Our partnership with outside compensation counsel coupled with our fixed professional fees benefits both parties during the critical time of negotiating an offer of employment. It also provides clear evidence of the independent and balanced manner in which we work with both clients and candidates.
  • Commitment: When selecting candidates, we concentrate on re-invention, re-invigoration, re-alignment, and renewal. Our clients express reassurance when they engage us, and candidates rely on us for trusted advice and guidance long after the search is complete.